Building naturally since 1850

Building naturally since 1850

we are committed to passion and quality

Your dream home takes shape

Your dream home takes shape

according to your needs and desires

From design to execution

From design to execution

a proven industry


Ermolli Legnami builds and supplies materials to meet its customers' needs
The company's excellence shines through in its quality, results and punctuality.


Ermolli Legnami designs and creates woodwork, patenting new construction techniques.
Designing and developing innovative structures embodies the value the company places in growth.

Complete service

Ermolli Legnami doesn't limit itself to simply supplying the individual elements that make up the structures that have been ordered. It also offers its design, sizing and installation assistance, thus ensuring all-inclusive service.



Wood is the only renewable raw material. It ensures a natural quality of life without needing considerable chemical treatments to maintain it. It is biodegradable and can be easily included in a regeneration process.

Latest projects


The new Ermolli Ecocase has been created and joins the low energy consumption construction market.


The project was created to tackle emergency situations caused by the environmental disasters that occur with increasing frequency.


A new building system that combines the properties of wood with the advantages of prefabricated construction for any intended use.



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